A Bit About The Farm

Gee Family Farm, formerly the Amazingly Fun Farm, is owned and operated by Tim and Michele Gee. It is located at 7651 S. Whitaker Road, Amarillo, TX  79118. On this page you'll find Season Dates, General Admission information, Farm Rules and Product Prices and more. If you have any questions, contact us! 

2017 Season Dates

Friday, October 6th until Sunday, October 29th

Open to the Public

2 PM - 7 PM

10 AM - 7 PM

2 PM -  7 PM

General Admission:

Free!  We have reformated our Fun Farm.  Please note that we still have a few attractions but are focusing on selling quality pumpkins, popcorn, cornmeal, flour and our gourmet sweet corn!



Celebration Covers

Gee Family Farm's  "Celebration Covers" can be reserved Friday - Sunday for a 2-hr time block.

Picnic tables in each of our 2  "Celebration Covers" can seat up to 60 people.


Choose Friday, Saturday or Sunday


Choose a two hour time block during operating hours


Call Gee Family Farm to reserve your "Celebration Cover". Make sure to have your date, time and number of party goers.


Celebration Covers are free of charge! Please be courteous and cancel if your plans have changed.

General Admission Includes:


1) Crank the handle of the Gee Family's corn sheller 

2) Crank the handle of a wheat grinder and grind whole wheat flour 
Learn the parts of wheat, too!

3) "Grandy's Giant Hay Slide"

4) "Sally's Corn Shootin' Range"

5) "Bobby's Big Jump" Pillow

6) Tale of Two Corns Hay Tunnel
Walk thru the hay tunnel and learn the differences between sweet corn and field corn.

7) Gourmet Sugar Pumpkins and Decorative Jacks

8) Gourmet Popcorn

9) Gourmet Sweetcorn (when available)

10) "Skippy's Spider Web"

11) "Sawyer's Slides"

12) Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

13) "Tim's Tire Mountain"

14) "Caleb's Corn Pit"

15) "Mona's Tractor Tire Tunnel"

16) Gee Family's Sweet Corn Equipment 
Learn how we harvest our sweet corn.

17) Lots of Photo Opportunities 

18) "Grandma Moses' Cornbag Toss"

19) Corn Shucking




Pumpkin's from "Granny's Gourds" 

$0.40 / lb.

Popcorn kernels - $1.00/lb.

Concession items from "Michele's Market"

Cornmeal and Whole Wheat Flour - $3.00

Pick Your Own Popcorn - 2 for $1.00


We accept credit/debit cards at this location!



The Gee Family Farm is a lot of fun! But there are some rules we need you to follow.

Download PDF


& Parties

Bringing a group? Great! Here some rules and requirements for you to read beforehand.

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Hey Teachers! Learn what's included in a tour and how to make a reservation!

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Contact Us

Gee's Family Gourmet Sweet Corn Farm
8994 FM 1151, Claude, TX 79109

(806) 346-5677