Gee Family’s Fresh Ground Whole Wheat Flour & Cornmeal

Gee Family is pleased to offer our own whole wheat flour and cornmeal. We grow and harvest both hard red and white wheat berries which are ground into flour. 

Flour and Cornmeal are only sold by cups 5 cups/$3.00

100% Whole Wheat Flour

Includes 100% of the bran and germ.


Whole Wheat White Flour

Includes 100% of the bran and germ but with a lighter color and mildier taste.



We leave the corn germ in! We grow and harvest our own popcorn and grind it into cornmeal.

Please store your flour and cornmeal in the freezer. Use within 4 months from date it was ground. 

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Gee's Family Gourmet Sweet Corn Farm
1150 US Highway 86, Dimmitt, TX 79027

(806) 346-5677