2020 Season Dates
Every Saturday in October
10 a.m. until 7 p.m.


$5/per person age 4 years and over

Includes unlimited enjoyment of all of the attractions at Gee Family's Farm.

  1. Samuel’s Hayride.
  2. The Barnyard Corn Maze.
  3. 3 Acre Fairy Tale Trail Corn Maze.

The regular maze can be a little overwhelming, so we have created a special trail through the corn for families with younger kids. Along the journey, you will be reading storyboards of "Jack and the Cornstalk". It will be a fun adventure

  1. Learn while touring the 3 types of corn that we grow – Field Corn, Sweet Corn and Popcorn.
  2. Crank the handle of the Gee Family’s corn sheller.
  3. Crank the handle of a wheat grinder and grind whole wheat flour. Learn the parts of wheat, too
  4. Corn shucking contest.
  5. Giant Hay Slide.
  6. Learn while touring the cotton and milo fields.
  7. “Sally’s Corn Shootin’ Range.”
  8. “Bobby’s Big Jump” Pillow.
  9. Corn Tunnel – Walk thru the hay tunnel and learn the life cycle of corn.
  10. Tractor – hop inside our biggest tractor on the farm.
  11. Ride the “Kernel Express.”
  12. Tour our Sweet Corn harvesting equipment.
  13. Tour “The First Hens” Coop. Learn about the women each hen is named after.
  14. And Many More!

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